Roman not to thrilled.  He was hot and only wanted to drink orange juice!

Can you see the ocean in the back!  The view from above was gorgeous!

Just an hour south of the city of Catania is the city of Siracusa though plan about an 1 1/2 hours to get there if there is traffic.  Siracusa today is probably most famous today for archeology with its Greek Amphitheater.  Definitely worth the visit.  The city of Siracusa is 2,700 years old and played a major role in Ancient times and was occupied by the Greek's until taken over by the Roman's.    The Amphitheater can hold up to as many as 19,000 people.  Today, I believe they hold summer concerts in the theater.  Make sure you have a couple of euros in your pocket for a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice.  Amazing!  Tell me, How are you spending your summer.  I have very limited Internet connection this week, but I promise I will be around to visit all of you next week when I am back in the states.  Sounds so strange to say.  I can't believe our trip is almost over.  Hope you are having a great week!


Loved traveling with you all......such great places you visited...seems like it went fast....great memories until the next big adventure!
Theresa said…
just getting caught up on your journey. Wow. Thanks for sharing it with us!!
Francesca said…
I think I very much looked and felt like Roman when I visited Siracusa in July! Get yourselves handfans, they work beautifully and are available everywhere.

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