Observations about Lusanne

On Sunday the heavens opened and the rain began coming down in heavy sheets.  Then we should have known that something was wrong when Roman was quiet.  He is never quiet.  He began throwing up and crying that his tummy hurt.  As you can picture, our plans changed at that poin There was going to be no tour of the city.

*We stayed at Hotel Aulac located on Lake Genevieve in Lusanne.
*Thankfully my husbands work paid for the hotel it was expensive.
*While the hotel had awesome linens, pillows, and a bed the furniture was outdated and the decor was a little kitschy.
*The view was awesome.
*The city jets out of the lake and is located on a hill.  A bear to walk, but due to an awesome metro you don't have to.
*The city has an awesome Olympic museum, but we will see this another time.
*I have never seen so many swans in one place in my life.
*I forgot how expensive Switzerland is!
*The cliche is true about French woman and little dogs.  So funny to see all the pocket dogs on this side of Switzerland.
*French teenagers dress amazing.
*Did you know that Lusanne used to be a part of France, but succeeded in 1808 because of religious prosecution.
Next stop Montruex!

Happy 4Th of July to Everyone back in the states.  
Have a great day filled with wonderful food, good friends, and fireworks!


nadine paduart said…
happy 4th abroad, kelleyn!
Shauna said…
Switzerland was my favorite country for sure. I loved it so much. I wish teenagers dressed up more here, as opposed to dressing down and going out in public in their pajamas. I see this more and more, I don't like it. I have loved following your pictures during this time! Take care and thinking of you!

Francesca said…
Hope your boy is ok!

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