Check these places out while in Seattle!

Mt. Rainer

Pad See Eiw
Cashew Nut Chicken
I have been home for almost a week, and it was so hard leaving Seattle and my good friends; however, my babies missed me even the big one. My littlest one said to me when I got home, "mommy no go away-mommy stay here." I feel rejuvenated. It was the perfect medicine. The boys have been in sports camps the last couple of weeks and Roman and I have been hanging out by the pool. He has really come a long way this summer. He started off by being terrified of the water to almost drowning yesterday because he jumped in the pool before I had put on his swim vest. I am so grateful I had grabbed him before anything tragic had happened. Rule number #1 put child's swim vest or floaties on before entering pool area. I had just gone to lay our stuff down on the chairs and when I turned around he was under the water. Seriously no more than a minute. Besides the beautiful 360 degree scenery and my good friends, Seattle has many really good restaurants. I wrote about some of them in an earlier post two years ago (here). I have found a couple more to had to the list. Djan located just a skip and a jump from downtown on 45th avenue serves amazing Thai food. I am now converted. Thai has not always been my favorite because I don't care to much for the spice or lemon grass. The seating is limited, so you might want to make reservations. Then for dessert head down to Wallingford and get an ice cream from Molly Moon's. I had the salted carmel and lavender honey. I didn't like the salted carmel, but the lavender honey was fantastic. Next time I think I want to try the balsamic strawberry or maple bacon. One last restaurant you have to visit is Louie's for it's amazing Chinese food. Like San Francisco, Seattle has a large Asian population which means fantastic Chinese food. Try the steamed salmon, the Mu Shu Pork, or the black bean green beans. Yummy! One last place that I would like to share with you though not a restaurant, but fun to visit is Archie McPhee's. It is a great place to take children. They will have fun looking at all the oddities. Thanks-Jenna for introducing us to this fun store.


So glad you had a mini vacation of you own. Isn't it wonderful to come home and have them all tell you that they missed you!
Don said…
I may be going up to Seattle in a few months. I'll check out some of these places. Thanks!
would love to go there. but it is so far away... =(
Lisa said…
The mountains are awesome and now I'm craving for some cashew nut chicken. Really.
Emily said…
oh, seattle! where my heart is!!! sounds like you had a great visit. we're giving colorado a chance, but if it's not a good fit within a year or so, i think we'll move back to seattle.

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