World Cup

Boy oh boy do we all wish we were in South Africa right now with tickets to the World Cup. Unfortunately, that just wasn't in our budget, but it is our dream that someday we will be able to attend the games live and not just watch them on the TV. Can you tell how excited these guys are to have the games begin today.


Andi said…
I'm excited too! Just watched the kick-off, and set up the DVR.
Silver Strands said…
SUPER cute!
Anonymous said…
A tie between USA and England! Happy weekend! Your guys are very cute!
schallalalaaalalla... ;-)
Melly Mel said…
how cute is this???
what a sweet family.
denise said…
Oh my - that looks like our house! My husbands family is from Germany, so he has the jerseys on and they are rooting for the team! :)

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