Alki Beach

Did you know that there is a Statue of Liberty in Seattle? This miniature statue is 1/18 the size of the original and was built in 1949 as part of a program sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America in celebration of their 40 Th anniversary with the campaign slogan "Strengthen the Arm of Liberty." Around 200 statues were made and sold to about 39 states. The statue was dedicated in 1952, and in 2009 the statue received a face lift. When I moved to Seattle after graduating from Portland State University, I moved to West Seattle. We were so lucky to find a house with a view of the city. There was nothing better than walking along the beach. If you watch Greys Anatomy, then you have seen Alki Beach as Andrew Shepard drives along the coast. Before you head to the beach stop by Bakery Nouveau located off of California Avenue. Alki Beach Bakery is also wonderful!


Silver Strands said…
Are those anenomes in the water? Great pictures!
Traveling Mama said…
I didn't know that about Seattle! I love your photos!! Enjoy!!
Great story behind the mini statue. I'm a big fan of Greys Anatomy; must dig in the archives to find that scene with the beach :-)
Bonnie said…
I spent 2 afternoons last week at Alki! I loved it!
lytha said…
for the longest time that statue was under construction - um, missing, and i kept taking my man down there to see it on his trips to america, and it took years before it returned. finally!

thanks for the pics of my home.

i lived with my aunt on 38th and lander for 4 years, and my grandparents and great grandparents' homes were on the other side of west seattle high school my entire life. my uncle is still on admiral and my cousin lives on avalon. it feels more like home than any other place.

~lytha in germany

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