Branson Wrap UP!

A vacation wouldn't be a vacation without time at the pool, and we were lucky enough to have a really great pool where we were staying. We loved Branson and can't wait to go back. There is just so much to see and do. Next time we can't wait to explore some of the near by lakes like Table Rock and do some hiking. The Ozarks have to be one of the prettiest place here on earth. Oh and the big news is Roman is finally potty trained. He did it all by himself. The first day we were there he announced to me that he had to go potty and ran to the bathroom to go. He has only had a few accidents, but he is so proud of himself. Except for night he is pull-up free-Yeah!


Ahhh, the days of potty training! So glad those are pretty much over for you. Congrats to you and Roman!

Sounds like your trip was wonderful... I think we might have to visit there some day.
my little paul would love that pool!!! i start with the potty training the days... i am looking forward, what will happen. congrats to roman!
Andi said…
So many fun things! Note to self: Go on another vacation!
Kiki said…
oh, that water looks so cool and refreshing. i could use a dip in a pool right now. it's too early to be so hot here. congrats on the potty training. my son took over 1 year to train, he wanted to do it on his own schedule, and still has issues with bed-wetting:( don't know how to remedy that. take care.
Anonymous said…
Oh, the pool looks awesome but I am soooooo happy that your little guy is potty trained! Huge news!
Anonymous said…
Three cheers for potty training!!!

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