Cupcake Royal, Fish Taco's and a Day at the Beach

While one might not think of Seattle as a beach destination there are several beaches located throughout the city. One of my favorite beaches is Golden Gardens located in a part of the city called Ballard. While the water is not very warm even on the hottest of Seattle days, what is great about the this beach is that it offers BBQ pits and a play structure for little ones to play on. The weather did not cooperate most of my trip, and temperatures ranged in the high 50's to 60's. On this particular day we lucked out. On our way to the beach we stopped at Cupcake Royal. Someone had to try them and I was happy to do it. My favorite was the Salted Carmel. Yummy! The frosting is Divine! The cupcakes are made with the finest of Organic ingredients. Miss my friends daughter had a great time climbing on the driftwood. Isn't she cute and she is smart as a whip too! Afterwards, we stopped at the Totem House for fish taco's located across the street from the Ballard Locks. I had always wanted to try them, but just had never gotten around to having one. They were perfect. The fish was fresh and crisp wrapped in a soft tortilla shell with red cabbage, tomatoes, and sour cream. I think I will be eating more of these.


Dana said…
It's fun to travel the US through your blog!
i love that they use organic ingredients! that place looks so pretty.
Hey there!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment!!! I love your pics and it looks like you like traveling as much as I do.. you can check out the link on my blog to my travel blog...
I'm going to add Austria/Germany/France/London/Scotland and Ireland this summer!!

Take care,
lytha said…
aha, i also lived in ballard for 4 years and know this totem pole place. they always had something funny on their readerboard. man i miss food from home.


i would always drag my man into the taco time down there: )

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