The W family

This weekend was full of a fun activities beginning on Friday the girls had their dance lessons and we finished the night off with pizza, Saturday the girls and Roman went to German school while Frank, Ivy and I went to a confirmation for our friends son (more on that later), and then from their I did this photo shoot for the W family.  This little boy was so photogenic and so funny.  At four he is super smart too as he is already reading.  He read all the signs in the park to me as we walk from one spot to another.  He and his family were such a joy to shoot.   We finished the weekend off with church and a BBQ out on our deck.


Brooke Neal said…
Congratulations on bringing home your new daughter, she is a doll face! Our BYU student has joined us in Saudi for two weeks then she and I will go to Munich where she is enrolled in an advanced language course during the month of May. She will return to Provo for summer and we will join her in the USA in early July.
NC Sue said…
Lovely family shots!
Thank you for sharing at
Swan Li said…
A cute boy and an adorable baby... a nice series

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