Medical Exam

I am trying to play catch up.  So much has happened this week that I haven't even posted half of what we have been doing.  Ivy is making baby steps towards trusting me and is most comfortable when we are in the hotel room, but is a very curious little girl and loves to see all the people and cars.  Today is our last day here in mainland China.  Tonight once we have her visa we will board a van and head to Hong Kong.  I am so ready to go home.  I miss my husband and family and miss being in my own home.  One of the things you have to do before you can get a consulate appointment is have a medical exam Ivy passed with flying colors.  Yahoo!  Off we go to Hong Kong.  Stay tuned for more pictures of China.


Theresa said…
Congrats and much love!
Tera said…
Oh wow!!!! I am catching up at just the right time!! Congratulations!!

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