Canton Tower

These post are all out of order, but the last week we were in China the internet connection was so slow in combination with the fact that we were just pretty busy.  On Thursday after the consulate appointment Buffi, Ivy, and I took a taxi to the Canton Tower where we took the elevator to the top. Actually, you can't go all the way to the top, but pretty close.  What is even crazier and I would have none of it is that you can sit on these seats that plunge you down the side of the building.  Crazy cakes or the other option is these bubble cars that ride the on a track around the observation tower. Just being up that high was enough for me!  The view was pretty spectacular despite it being slightly foggy outside.  Afterwards, Buffi and I ate at the Banana Leaf where Lucy and I had eaten the previous trip.  The food is so delicious.  I had the Mango Beef and Buffi had the Coconut Green Curry Chicken.  So yummy!


Francesca said…
I wouldn't have gotten on those seats either!!
Heather said…
The seats look like fun! Crazy, but fun :-)

Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday!

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