Ordinary Moments

Do you ever feel like time is just passing by way to quick? Time is a funny thing. When you are a child time seems to pass so slowly, and something you might anticipate can't seem to come fast enough. I find the opposite to hold true as an adult. The days are just a blurr and no matter how much I try to slow things down they seem to pass just as quickly as the day before. One thing I know is that before I know it my babies will be all grown up. I want to just soak in every moment. In just a couple of weeks I will be a mother of a teenager. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday he was a baby though I am finding it harder and harder to remember him as a baby. I remember when he took his first steps, but when I try to replay that video back in my head I just can't. I clearly remember the moment he was born, but the day to day details of him being a baby are slipping away. This morning I couldn't help taking this photo of Addy sitting at the table with her papa. While there isn't anything extrodinary about the photo. I wanted to remember this moment. Her being so little. Her feet barely sticking out of the bumbo. In a month or two she will not be able to sit in this little chair any longer. She will be crawling then walking. While it is every parents dream for their children to do these milestones, I just want her to stay a baby just a little longer.


love your ordinary yet precious moments!

gorgeous shot!
thanks so much for sharing:)
I love that picture...and you're so right time flies....and keeping her a baby as long as you can why not! I feel like I just had Katelyn and so she will be off to college! :(
Christina Klas said…
This is a very sweet post. :) If you're always worried about the next big moment... what happens to the one you're already in?? ;)
Maddy said…
I think this photo IS extraordinary! Because when we grow old, the things we miss the most are these quite moments with our loved ones :)
Oh what a sweet moment!! Those little adorable toes! :) I remember as a child always waiting for something and hearing adults say that when I was older how quickly time would go by. Totally understanding that now!
Shauna Klippel said…
Yes!!! I relate so much. It's also interesting having an almost teenager with other little babies around. Makes for a great dynamic, but nonetheless, the big are still getting bigger so fast!

I enjoy reading your sweet, simple blog. Take good care,

Mira Crisp said…
Oh, I could not agree more with you! Time is definitely passing faster as we are getting older. I don't know why! :)
...melody... said…
I love what you said about savoring the moments. I don't have kids yet, but I'm working on taking more photos now so that I can get into the habit of capturing the everyday moments. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Buckeroomama said…

Sometimes the most precious moments are actually the most ordinary ones. :)
Oh I agree with you so much...life goes by way to quickly. Especially once kiddos are born.
Kelly said…
Teenagers? Doesn't that just want to make you gag? We are WAY too young to have teenagers!
Gina Kleinworth said…
Cherish every moment. My first born turns 14 tomorrow- I can hardly believe it's possible.
Lisa said…
Wow! a teenager! That's so old! My oldest will be 20 at the end of April. 20!!! Thinking back when I was just a a year older - I got married and then had a baby 10 months and 15 days later. 10 months and 15 days!!! wow!!! Unbelievable!!! Your so right time goes so fast.

I love your ordinary moments!!! they are beautiful! and so is your girl.
Tiffany said…
It goes by so fast, you are right. Not only each day, but the time with the kids. My oldest is 16 and it seems like a blink of an eye!

jane said…
i know the feeling!
this shot is precious! you captured a great moment!
Arctic Mum said…
My thoughts excactly, I feel the same. Every day I look at her and try to capture the moment.
Such a lovely picture! I agree... time goes by so fast. each day is a special gift.... Thank you for sharing a great moment.

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