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Yesterday, I had a party with some of my friends to celebrate Valentines Day!  We had such a good time.  I guess you are wondering how this fits into this weeks theme of something borrowed, something new, something blue.  I know the phrase pertains to marriage, but in this case my something borrowed is  two new recipes from Pioneer Woman.  They were a hit.  I borrowed her Cheesy Corn Chowder recipe and her Knock you Naked Brownies.  Also, borrowed is my sweet little girl Adelaide for I believe she is only on loan to me from God.  She is such a blessing.  Something New is an idea to make those giant pom poms.  They really made for a fun atmosphere and the something blue is my Bauer pottery I found at an antic store in Arkansas two years ago. Something old are the handful of other recipes I made.  What else was on the menu: a prosciutto panini bar with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes,  pesto pasta salad with pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes, spinach salad with pecans, blue cheese, apple chips, and a white balsamic vinaigrette, lemon bars, and to drink strawberry lemonade.  When was the last time you got together with your friends and celebrated?


Love it.....first of all I love your kitchen it's gorgeous...especially love your back splash!
Sounds like a perfect time! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
tanïa said…
Must have been a good party with all those nice food! And I love the colour of your pottery!
Last time I had a party with friends we celebrated a wedding, and here we are again with our today's CV theme! ;o)

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!
Francesca said…
What a good way to celebrate friendship!
Heather said…
looks yummy! And Adelaide looks like a love!
'knock one naked' brownies... what a name... love it!
always loving your food, kelleyn, and the way you talk about it.
Debra said…
I would count little Adelaide's eyes for the "something blue"!
swig said…
and those pompons! great! I hope you'll keep them for the next party! warm greetings from Paris!
Elizabeth said…
A party! What a fun take on the theme.
Mmm. All that food looks amazing!

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