Addy "a slice of my life" cornerview

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flowtops said…
Happy birthday to your boy (those dimples!!!) and oh, how your little one has grown!

It must be difficult at times, having kids in such different age groups. But fun as well.

likeschocolate said…
Yes it can be challenging but the older boys adore the baby. I think it teaches the older children patience.
Elizabeth said…
Sweet little video.
tanïa said…
Sehr süß, die Kleine! :o)
kari said…
what a cutie! so precious.
And happy birthday to your teenager! Congrats to you mummy!
Mlle Paradis said…
how sweet! what a great idea!
Heather said…
What a beautiful little love bug! I just want hug and kiss her.
She's gorgeous! 8 months already?? It's amazing how time flies. xx
a teenager-in-da-house, a stunning eight months old.... {dot on!...}
Very sweet. And my son will be turning twelve this year and receiving the Priesthood, we're all so excited. I love these times. Take care,

Tiffany said…
Adorable...boy that went fast!

Beth said…
Such a cutie! Great video--love the song!:>) I have an Addie also. She's my son's youngest and will turn 5 this May. Her oldest brother just turned 13 two weeks ago---big moment in an adolescent's life.
I appreciated your comments on my corner view. It was my son's wedding that was the turning point for my ex, his wife (my ex best friend) and me. I was determined that all would go well for my son. My ex was quite uncomfortable esp. at the rehearsal dinner which I insisted on paying for since I had complete custody of my son. But the moment that changed our lives was when I told Sheri that I had made certain an usher would get her and my ex and escort them out after my husband and me and my daughter-in-law's parents. She told me that I didn't have to do that--that it was alright; she didn't expect to be included. I put my hand on her arm and said, "It's the right thing to do. You two are a big part of my son's life and you need to be recognized as such. I have moved on with my life and I'm happy.
That's when she apologized for hurting me and that was all I ever wanted to hear. It's been a steady rebuilding of an extended family ever since. We share six grandchildren and often work together on taking care of them when parents are gone on business trips. I truly don't understand those folks who can't get past the hurt and mess for the sake of their kids.

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