Tallulah Falls

The Gorge
The pictures don't even do justice
The three of us on the suspension bridge
at the bottom

Summer is almost over, and I am trying to hold onto every last moment. Tallulah Falls is a short drive north of Atlanta in the northeast corner where Georgia meets South Carolina and North Carolina. It is so worth the drive. One thing you don't want to forget is money. All the national parks have a small entrance fee, and to get into this one cost $5. There are no banks in the town. I was lucky that a small store was willing to front me the money with a small purchase. The gorge and falls are a small walk of about a 1/4 mile on a rubber covered trail. This part is easy to do with children and strollers; however, to get to the bottom you will need to come early because they only allow a 100 permits a day. You still can walk most of the way down. There are a set of 1012 stairs, and you can not do this will strollers or pets. When I saw the set of stairs I wasn't so keen on going down, but the boys wouldn't let me cop out. The views of the water fall are worth it.


travelingmama said…
I cannot believe we've never been here! Maybe a place to add to our list for our trip to the States next year?? Have your kids not started back to school yet?
Crescent Moon said…
Those stairs made me realize just how out of shape I really was! My son doesn't usually like stairs, but I think he held up better than I did on those. I haven't posted our pictures from Tallulah Falls yet. I'll have to do that soon.
Jamie said…
Tallulah Falls in the Autumn is spectacular! I haven't been for over 15 years and I still remember how beautiful it was.

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