Munzenburg Castle

view of the castle from the bottom
Can't wait to see the castle

In Germany you don't have to go to far to find a castle, and if you do a little research you just might be able to see a medieval reenactment. Unfortunately, we were about a week to early to see the show that would be put on at the Munzenburg Castle, but the boys had a great time just the same. The word Munzen means coin and from my understanding coins were made at this castle built in the year of 1160 C.E. by Frederick the Great who was also known as" Barbarossa." The term Barbarians comes from the group of people lead by him who were fearless when it came to defending themselves against the Romans. In the town of Butzbach, you can still see what is left of the hills that were built to keep the Romans out.


sweetpea said…
Amazing!! Rick would be so jealous--he has always wanted to go back to Germany. Maybe one day!! Enjoy!!
Crazy Campbells said…
Amazing! I have always wanted to see a castle. It is on my list of things to do. I am glad you had such a nice time.
I love how you take us through this castle. It reminds me so much of my husband talking about his days playing in the castle down the street. Like so many Americans, I'm still fascinated by the idea of a castle DOWN THE STREET! (We're an American/German couple, too - so fun to see your blog and read your adventures.) Your boys are so lucky to visit Germany.
T said…
God bless you and your family. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Did you see that we took our kids to a castle in France this summer? Awesome!
travelingmama said…
This is amazing! I desperately want to do a castle tour in Germany. It would be so fun to city hop and check out different ones!

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