A suitcase full

A trip to Germany would not be complete without bringing back a suitcase full of yummy treats. One would think that we didn't have a grocery store here in America if you saw all the stuff I bought. The problem is we have all grown to love certain items that we just can't get here. I love Mozart Kugeln which are balls of marzipan with chocolate centers dipped in layers after layer of chocolate. My husband loves Kinderscholade which reminds him of his childhood. It is always a fight between him and the children for these. The children love the marshmallows which are sometimes called Speck in Germany, but not to be confused with the speck known as bacon. marshmallows in Europe are similar yet different than those here in the states; however, that warrants its own post. Schoco Muesli is also loved by my husband, but now I like it too. At first I thought how strange to eat raw oatmeal, but it grows on you. Then there is the Semmel Knoedel and Kartoffel Knoedel that go great with a great pot roast. What are Knoedel? The are balls of basically mashed potatoes that are boiled in water for a couple of minutes. I guess you could compare them to dumplings. These have not grown on me.


caitlin said…
Oh Kinder.. how I love you. Sounds like Germany was amazing. (Happy Anniversary by the way!)
travelingmama said…
Oooh! These are some of our favorites too! We get quite a few German products here in Morocco. We were amazed by how many Moroccans we met just in our one day layover in Frankfurt. The Moroccans are always so confused by us. They are all trying to escape and we are trying to get in! LOL!

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