On the way home from the mountains last weekend, we stopped at a farmers market. We ate yummy tasty flaky handheld peach pies. Then I bought a bushel of peaches. Tis the season for peaches. What was cool about stopping at the farmers market was that they let me taste different varieties of peaches before making my selection. Plus I got this cool basket to boot. On Monday, I spent the good part of the day with my mother canning peaches. Canning peaches is a two person job. I can't explain it, but there comes a certain satisfaction from eating food that I have helped produced in some way. The bushel of peaches yielded 12 quarts, 2 pints, and 2 peach cobblers that I took to friends. I have to say homemade canned peaches taste better, but boy were they a lot of work. I not sure I would do it again. I think I will stick to my jams, pickles, and salsa. 


Cris Siqueira said…
i don't like peaches but i love the way they smell and how beautiful they are!!!
When I eat peaches, I remember me as a child... So, I like your picture... like a promise to be a child all the day ;)
;) Your child can feed my fishes ! One clic into the water... have a nice day !!!

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