Spring Break Florida

Happy Birthday Olivia!
Spring Break started on Friday, so we made a quick trip to Florida. Besides enjoying the fantastic weather, we were able to celebrate with my cousin Olivia 6th birthday. Winston can't help himself and loves to tease poor Olivia. On our way down we stopped at the Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was the worst meal I have had in my life. Maybe, it was just that Cracker Barrel, but my hamburger was like shoe leather and paper thin. The biscuits and corn bread were dry. The Mac and Cheese was just plain gross and then my mom had the meat loaf which was almost like eating dog food. I was deceived by the parking lot that was full. What I really wanted was to eat somewhere along the ocean, but I just couldn't find any restaurants. It was getting late and the children were hungry. Corporate America has taken over with its Applebees, Chili's, McDonald's, and so on. Every stop is the same cast of characters, and long gone are the mom and pop cafes that boast the best of every families secret recipes. I am just as guilty as the next person for attending these restaurants, but these days you almost don't have a choice if you want to eat outside your house. The benefit of chains is that you have a menus you know for a reasonable price, but that is also the problem because everywhere you go it is the same. When I go on vacation I want to eat somewhere I haven't eaten before.


Kelly said…
You should watch the Food Network. They always feature restaurants around the country. When I travel, I always want to try the local fare and try to avoid chains at all costs. I know how you feel.

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