A Day at the Zoo!

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Papa Bear
Mole Rats
long necks
Yesterday, Roman and I went to the zoo with some friends of ours from church. We had so much fun. The Atlanta Zoo has added some new features and made it even more kid friendly. I think Roman's favorite part was riding the train and playing in the park. My favorite part is the Gorillas. I love watching them. I love how this zoo doesn't seem like a zoo. The animals have really nice habitats. We were blessed with really warm weather it was almost too warm. We ate our picnic lunches as we strolled through the park. I think we are going to have to go back because we didn't have a chance to see everything. The only thing I am sad about it that my pictures are a little blurry. There must have been something on my lens. Note to self * remember to clean camera lens before our next trip.


iNdiaNa said…
Ooooh, what a good idea! We just sent in for the yearly membership.. so hopefull we'll be going alot!
sweetpea said…
What a fun day--we love the zoo!

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