Eggs and Dinosaurs

Roman telling the boys how it is done
The Fernbank Museum
This year like every other year year we decorated Easter Eggs. The boys always have fun in seeing how they can make the most disgusting looking egg. The do this by dipping and dipping until the get the required result. I usually have to beg for a least a couple of pretty ones. Today I took the boys to the Fernbank Museum. They loved it. I would like to take the older ones back without Roman, so that they can really have time to do the experiments. I was surprised though that Roman sat through the hour show of Dinosaurs Live Imax. He didn't make a peep.


When you come out will you be bringing the boys? The Dinosaur Museum up at Thanksgiving Point is AMAZING!! (It's in Lehi just off the highway.) It houses the most dinosaur bones in the world. It's a truly fantastic place to take the kids. Much of it is interactive and they'd LOVE it!!
sweetpea said…
Love the eggs, and the museum looks wonderful!
Jenna said…
The eggs look great. Thanks for reminding me that we need to get those done. I have a package to send the boys - I guess it will be an after Easter one? Happy Easter!

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