Spielstrasse 15 "Sunshine-Corner View"

On Saturday, we attended Spielstrasse which is the end of the year celebration for the German School of Atlanta.  The little kids had a fantastic year and Avery looks forward to going in the fall. I am so happy we made the decision to return this year!  While it isn't easy to get up early every Saturday German School is home for us and I feel good about giving the children an opportunity to speak a second language.  We were also able to share this event with out friend Nadja who lives in Austria who was here visiting us for the weekend. My mom and her friend Harold came too! This year we had perfect weather! It was almost too hot!  The children had a blast and the wurst were perfection! Until next year- Auf Wiedersehen!

Nadja and Frank

 Doesn't get any better than face painting, green hair, and cotton candy.
 My friend Christina and her son!

My mom and Harold


CountryMouse said…
This looks like a fun day.
Stephanie said…
Oh my word, their face paint is TOO cute! These are such fun, summery pictures. We're going to our Avery's school carnival on Friday and I can't wait! :)
Balot's Chatter said…
Love the adorable face paints :D
Unknown said…
cuties!!! love their face paint and the joy the show!
Unknown said…
Your family is really adorable. I love that you are teaching them German! Awesome event. Great photos! So nice to meet you.
Francesca said…
ah! a week too early - now you'll have to come up with more sunshine :)
nadine paduart said…
lovely, lovely! what a great gathering! learning another language is always welcome, it brings us life.

you do look like your mum a little, kelleyn, i see similarities... :)))

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