A Reason to Celebrate!

You only turn 50 once, so why not celebrate it with not just one party, but two! The first party we held last week with Frank's work colleagues and on Saturday night we had a second party with our neighbors and friends from church. While it was a lot of work preparing for the parties, it was so much fun celebrating Frank's life with all those we love! Let's talk food, I did it myself this time! Cupcakes are a must!!!!  So much easier to handle than cake and you can have multiple flavors.   Then we also had brownies and snickerdoodle cookies to finish off the dessert line-up, but you can't live off of dessert alone, so we had ham and chicken salad sandwiches, pesto noodle salad, Asian peanut noodle salad, potato salad, A mixed green salad with strawberries, bacon, and candied almond salad, a veggie tray, root vegetable chips with hummus, stuffed mushrooms, and a mushroom quiche. We were so lucky that the weather was so perfect!  Sunny and 75 degrees which made for having the party on our brand new deck perfect, and btw we love our new deck!  The evening couldn't have been more perfect.


Unknown said…
Oh my.... did you really make all that food???? I want to try everything, those cupcakes.... the salad... really, don´t do this to me! haha And your little girls oh so adorable in those elegant dresses! Love you new deck, but what I love the most is the love I feel you have plenty of in your home!
Buckeroomama said…
50 is a milestone and definitely one to be celebrated! Looks like you had quite the spread. :)
Francesca said…
the party looks wonderful, but your girls' golden dresses are even more so! :)

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