Nadja comes to town!

This is kind of old news, but our friend Nadja came to town,  We have known her for 12 years!  She was just 18 years old when she came to live with us for the summer of 2003 and then 19 when she came to live with us for the summer of 2004.  She then came back in the winter of 2005 or 2006. I forget as that was before my blog writing days. We met Nadja through a mutual friend who asked us if we would be willing to open our home to a young lady from Austria who wanted to further her English and in return she would help us with our children.  It was a perfect match.  My children love Nadja and see her almost like a sister. I can't believe she is 30 now and works for a major corporation. She was visiting a neighboring state for a work conference, so she decided to drive on down and visit us. We were so happy to see her!  Last Friday, we went to Antico Pizza and then we went to see Avengers. Wouldn't recommend Avengers! Not enough dialog in ratio to action. Saturday, she came with us to Spielstrasse and then we spent the afternoon with the children at the pool.  After putting the children to bed, Nadja and I watched a movie on Netflix.  On Sunday, I played hooky from church and hung out at the house with her before taking her to the airport.  It was a fun weekend.


Francesca said…
so wonderful that you've kept in touch!

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