Hospital Playdate

Addy, Avery, and I went to visit a friend at the hospital on Monday.  Miss Ada like Avery was adopted from China.  We know Miss Ada from an on-line blog community for parents who adopted from China around the same time we did.  Ada came home just a few months before Avery and her family recently returned a few months ago to bring her home another brother Asa.  Miss had surgery about 2 weeks ago and I visited her family then and she went home for a few days, but sadly had to return a few days after being released.  We have been down that road, and I know how lonely it can be at the hospital.  So with lunch for Miss Ada's mom, a sticker book, and some bubbles it was off to the hospital we went.  The girls loved each other.  The had a tea party, played with the hospital gloves, and thought it was a hoot to step on the lever for the trash can and allow it to slam down. They would let out a huge squeal each time the lid came down.  If you have a moment, Miss Ada could use your prayers.  Her family adores her and is ready for her to be healthy.  I am sure her family would be most appreciative.


Francesca said…
keeping Miss Ada in my thoughts.

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