I think I mentioned that Harris was elected to be a member of the presidency team as the reporter which is essentially the head PR person for his FBLA club. What is FBLA? FBLA-PBL is the largest business career student organization in the world. The high school division has 215,000 members, while the postsecondary division reaches over 11,000 college students. The newest group, FBLA-Middle Level, is showing remarkable growth with over 20,000 student members. Finally, the Professional Division has reached over 3,000 members. Over 11,000 advisers round out the group. Exclusive membership and career recognition programs are designed for each division to provide additional personal and chapter development opportunities.  Anyways, Last Tuesday they had an end of the year celebration for all the members of the club and their families.  At the same time, they also inducted all the members of the presidency.  Sadly, I wasn't able to be there as Roman had cub scouts and Winston has his last game of the season. Here are the photos from that evening.


Francesca said…
Congratulations to Harris!
Unknown said…
I used to be in FBLA in high school! He looks so handsome in his suit.
Unknown said…
Wow this is so cool!!!! You most be so proud of him!!! Good job mama, because am sure there is a lot of you in him!

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