Roots "Corner View"

I have to say this week's topic has kind of thrown me for a loop.  As I am sure all of you feel who have participated in this group some topics come kind of easy and some have you really struggling for something to post; however, I think I am going to stretch this topic a little and talk about the adoptive community that my family now find ourselves in now that we have a daughter who is adopted from China.  Little did I know that when we adopted our daughter we would gain new friends who almost do I say like a family.  My daughter has no information on her birth parents and while someday we will do genetic testing for her she will most unlikely ever be able to find her biological parents.  Her roots are lost and no matter how well she acclimates into our family and feels our love she is most likely going to want to know her past.  This is where the adoptive community bridges the gap. It is still not the same as knowing who your biological parents are and where they come from but Avery will at least be able to share with fellow adoptees a common story.  Last week we got to be apart of another family special moment in bringing home there daughter.  The family helped answered our questions about adoption when we went through the process and shortly after we applied for our daughter they applied again to bring home a second child.  They are home!  Their family is complete.  What joy it was to be able to celebrate with them!  Congratulations Amanda and Patrick!!!!!

 M with her cousins waiting to meet her sister 

 Miss L only home a few months herself waiting to welcome her new friend to America

Reunited a day long awaited 

 Miss E our newest citizen

You are probably wondering where Avery is!  She was at home in bed.  The flight arrived so late I didn't have the heart to wake her up to bring her to the airport.


Unknown said…
What a wonderful second family for all of you!
Heather said…
I got chills reading this - very moving!
Redeker said…
beautiful post about roots!
Tera said…
What a beautiful post! I still feel the great desire to adopt. It was my plan since I was 12 years old. I have researched often and become overwhelmed to the point of frustration. I recently tried again to find my way. Finances seem to be the main obstacle.
Le monde dÖ said…
No doubt... You created little but strong roots for your daughter... and give her all the love you share in your wonderful family. Another kind of strong roots.
nadine paduart said…
these stories of yours always are so stunning, and positive, and i'm glad the agency takes such care of the whole process. well done, you guys! n♥
CountryMouse said…
Amazing and what a beautiful family.
tinajo said…
Lovely moments and lots of love. :-)
A lovely family, some very happy faces and one rather bemused one :)

Francesca said…
a tree always has many roots!

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