Highlands, North Carolina

When we first moved to Georgia 12 years ago, a fellow pre-school mother told me about a weekend trip she took with her girlfriends to Highlands, North Carolina and how beautiful it was there and what a fun weekend she had. I made a mental note to visit this destination as I am always up for an adventure. I am not sure how 12 years slipped by without visiting this destination, but I suppose one thing or another got in the way of going.  Fast forward to this weekend and it is Memorial weekend. It was also the last day of school yesterday for most of us here in Georgia. The last pencil was sharpened, desks were emptied, hugs were given and promises of playdates I am sure were exchanged among friends, and with that the next couple of months we no longer have to be up at 6:20 in the morning.  Can you hear the choir of angels singing hallelujah or at least this momma is singing hallelujah as I am truly not a morning person.  After school yesterday the children were met with silly string and a party at the pool followed with ice cream sundaes.  We all went to bed happy and tired.  Our morning was lazy and after filling our bellies with sunny-side eggs and toast we loaded up the car and hit the road. Sadly Frank couldn't go with us as he has too much work to catch up on and Harris was still fast asleep. Our first stop was Highland, North Carolina where we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Main Street Inn and Cafe.  The town is cute but doesn't offer much for young ones.  Then it was on to Dry Falls which was just down the road.  The hike was easy and my pictures don't nearly do the waterfall justice.  A quick stop at Bridal Veil Falls was next and then on to Glenn Falls which was also pretty impressive.  This hike was a little more difficult but the girls did fantastically and even beat their mom up the hill.  We ended the day with dinner of ice cream at Chick fil A!  Don't judge me, but it was what worked for our family and, to be honest we weren't really that hungry for a full dinner as we had eaten such a late lunch.


Francesca said…
just call it gelato, because there's nothing wrong with gelato for dinner! :)
betty-NZ said…
What a fun time! Sometimes, just getting away makes everything look different. Your photos are lovely.
Jenn said…
Such gorgeous photos... you really got some great shots!

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