Postcards from Madrid

Hello from Madrid!  Friday afternoon after my husband finished with his work, we took a fast train from Barcelona to Madrid.  It took about 2 hours and was pretty easy to do.  What is different about going to Madrid is that you will have to go through security just like you would the airport.  What I didn't expect was about 20 minutes or so before pulling into Madrid it looks like Nevada.  The land is completely barren.  I am not sure if the same hold true of the south of Madrid, but it is like Madrid just spring out of nothing.  A total oasis.  I am still trying to wrap my head around Madrid.  It isn't as clean as Barcelona and it is much noisier, but then again it is a much larger city.  Kind of like New York with a Spanish twist.  The city is pretty easy to get around with it's great metro system, cabs, ans buses.  The Metro can be a little difficult if you have a stroller because of all the stairs leading into it, but I have found the people are willing to help you if you if you need it. Avery and I had fun wandering around the city.  We went to the Palace which I thought was a little disappointing, but given the economic crisis they have had here the last few years I guess it is to be expected.  Churros are a must.  Who wouldn't want to dip something in a cup of chocolate.  Yum!  The street performers are amazing and worth a coin or too, and the architecture of the buildings is beautiful.  Well, we are off to a local park and the zoo.  Avery has been such an amazing traveling companion that I thought she deserved a day just for her!  How are you?  Are you have a good weekend.  What did you do?


Your photos are stunning, as always.
Hah, somene is enjoying this one on one time with mummy and daddy.
Francesca said…
Euro10 for a kilo of ham is nothing! Avery looks so much bigger in that cute smiley photo - I'd say travel suits her :)

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