I heart Barcelona!

I heart Barcelona.  We arrived in Barcelona on Monday morning, but not being a spring chicken we headed to the hotel for check-in and after getting a quick bite to eat we took a little nap.  We woke up around 4 and headed into the city center.  Since it was so late in the day, we opted to ride on the Hop on Hop Off bus as a way to get our bearings of the city.   We choose to get off at the harbor where we walked along the boardwalk, saw the statue of Columbus, and walk up the Ramblas (a pedestrian footpath with shops and cafes).   What is nice about the Ramblas is that it is not over commercialized and the side streets bring amazing shops around every corner.  We took a peek into a local church and then it was time for dinner.  Tapas did the trick for Frank and I and Avery was happy with some cheese and crackers.  Afterwards a little gelato and waffles for dessert.  Yummy!  I think I could live in this city for forever.  The blue sky, amazing architecture, palm trees and the smell of the ocean are heaven!  What has surprised me the most is how clean the city is and while like every European city it has a problem with graffiti, it does not have a problem with liter like Italy.  Well, it is time for bed.  Tomorrow we are off to see some of the architectural works of Gaudi.  Stay tuned!


Unknown said…
Can't wait to see more of your trip!
Francesca said…
oh, fantastic!
i could live on tapas :)

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