While it is not my style of art, my husband loves Salvador Dali.  We hopped on a train and headed 2 hours north to go to his museum in his hometown of Figures.  Super Easy to find.  Once you arrive you just grab a city map or follow the line of tourist.  You really can't get to lost.  A word of suggestion is that  you do not want to visit during the summer months (you will need to buy tickets in advance). We had no problem getting in, but it was crowded and at times we were knocking elbows with fellow visitors.  It was interesting to see his body of work.  What I found sweet was to learn of his love for his wife Gala.  He was so in love!  The main statue you see when coming into the museum was a tribute to her upon her death.  Afterwards we celebrated my birthday by getting some great food at the Imperial Restaurant located adjacent  to the museum.  Frank had schnitzel and I had lamb chops. Avery was not thrilled by either of our choices. We ended up getting her some yogurt later at a supermarket.  She is not so thrilled with the food choices here in Spain, but does seem to like the ham. After lunch it was back to Barcelona.  I went and did a little shopping at a near by mall and Frank went to a soccer game.   He was in heaven to see some of the greatest soccer players of today play.

Happy Birthday to Me!  "43"


Happy birthday, gorgeous!!! Dxx
Happy Birthday friend :) And yes, Dahli isn't my fave but his work does exact a certain awe from me anyway!
Joyeux Anniversaire!!! Looks like you enjoyed your day!!

I understand your feelings about Dali - not my favorite artist either - but the museum is definitely impressive and very interesting!! We were there a few years ago with the girls and they found it mesmerizing...not art I would want on my walls - but he was definitely an interesting man!! We then drove out to the coast to his house - that was also really neat to see how he lived and socialized. His love for his wife was very present there, as he left that house when she fell sick in Paris and never returned. Many things are as they were when he rushed to be with his beloved wife and couldn't bare to return to this house with her. Looks like you are having a great time!
Francesca said…
happy birthday again!

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