Madrid Zoo, Teleferico, and Someone Turned 3

Yes, one little girl who is from China and who is very much loved turned three this past week.  She is such a joy and I am so grateful I get to be apart of her journey.  Happy Birthday Darling Girl!  We celebrated the day with a piece of cake and then yesterday I took her to the Madrid Zoo.  Lucky us we just had to hop on the metro and ride it to the other side of town. The tour guide book said to get off at Batan station, but that lets you out in the park and the path is not so easy to find; therefore, I would suggest riding it to the next stop which is Campo de Casa. After the zoo we took a taxi to the Teleferico station.  There is actually a station about 3 kilo meters from the zoo, but it is up a steep hill and there was also a bike race going on, so the driver drove me to the station just around the corner from the palace.  Avery and I purchased a round trip ticket and off we went.  What a great view of the city you get and of the park.  Camp de Casa used to be the hunting grounds of the King, but today it is used for walking, biking, races along with the zoo and a small amusement park.  On our way home we stopped at the Egyptian Temple of Debod which was a gift from Egypt to Spain.  The park that the Temple sits in offers also fantastic views of the city. A long day but fun never the less a fun day!
Happy Birthday Avery!


Happy 3rd birthday Avery. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. wow, such an international traveller now.
Francesca said…
happy birthday to Avery! what a lovely birthday outfit she's wearing!
tinajo said…
Happy, happy birthday - such a lovely girl she is! :-)
Maureen said…
Happy Birthday to Avery! She is just sooo cute! pretty cool she got to celebrate in Spain. She is quite the traveler:)

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