Harvest Moon Festival

Yesterday we celebrated the Harvest Moon Festival.We went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch.  The Harvest Moon Festival is a Chinese holiday in which you eat Mooncakes, gather with your family, and think about your ancestors.  While I could have bought Mooncakes at Costco or my local Chinese market, I stole the idea from another mom who has children adopted from China to use Moon Pies. They were a big hit! Yesterday was an opportunity for our family to get to know Avery's heritage just a little bit better.  Recently, I bought the a CD called A Little Mandarin and while Avery doesn't speak Chinese anymore she still remembers it because she perks up when she hears the music. I can't believe Avery is been with our family for only 8 months because it seem like she has always been apart of our family.  Last night as the moon rose above our house, I took the opportunity to think about her biological family.  Now if I am being honest, I have to say that I really don't think about her biological parents that much.  I don't know if there is something wrong with me, but I just don't.  I think of Avery as being my daughter.  I am sure she was loved because they made sure she was in a placed where she would be found.  I can even see their faces as I am sure Avery looks just like them. They are probably kind, and one or both of them has a good sense of humor.  I pray as Avery gets old enough I can come up with the right words to help her navigate the feelings and emotions that go along with adoption because at the moment I don't have very many answers to the many questions I am sure she is going to ask.  The only answer I have for her is that she is so so loved.  She is wanted. She is special and that her Heavenly Father loves her more than she will ever know.


The questions don't get any easier to answer but answering them because you have that open communication with your daughter makes it easy. Hope that made sense. Few of us have answers and if you tell her from day and use terms familiair to adoption, that part does get easier.

Avery will do fine as she is loved by so so many.
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Francesca said…
that must be one of the hardest parts of adoption - when the child wonders about origins. Keeping an open communication with her from now, as the reader above suggests, does seem a good answer.

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