In The Trail of Gaudi "contrast cv"

Today we were on the trail of Gaudi. Who is Gaudi! He is a famous architect that lived here in Barcelona around the 1900’s. He was a pioneer of his time much like Frank Gehry today. A little mad man a little genius. What is also interesting about him is that in his younger years he was very rebellious, but as he got older he was commissioned by the church to do some work for them and through his day to day relationship with the monks grew closer to God. Our first stop was La Peddera a building that was designed for family living. When visiting these attractions here in Barcelona give yourself plenty of time as the lines are long and it does take some time to get through each attraction. The building is divided into three stops: the roof top or terraza as it is called here, the attic, and the apartment. I didn’t show any photos of the apartment, but it was very beautiful. Next was the cathedral or Sagra da Famillie . It is about a 20 minute walk from La Pederra or you can hop on the metro. We did not go inside as we did not purchase tickets in advance and the line was pretty long. Also, the ticket prices are pretty steep. This church is still under construction and will not be finished until 2050. It is like looking at something constructed out of Star Wars. The building showcases Gaudi’s love for nature. When completed it will be adorned with a giant statue of Jesus. Then it was on to Park Guell. This park was designed to be a private family living community, but the idea never took off. The Gardens are beautiful, but once again be prepared to wait a long time to get in as we waited 2 hours. I would buy tickets on-line and then you just need to show up at your time given slot. Today was certainly a dream come true for me as I have wanted to see his works for 17 years now. Avery has been a dream. She is such a good traveler. After the park, we headed back to our hotel with a stop for dinner and a stop for diapers and a curling iron. My adapter didn’t work here as I didn’t have the right number of prongs. Well, by the time you read this it will be my birthday and we are off to see the works of Salavador Dahli. It is a 2 hour train ride north. That should be fun!

A contrast from your typical architecture!


Francesca said…
happy birthday!
More tapas and some sangria for you! :)
nadine paduart said…
oh, goodie, kelleyn, thank you for this. you've rendered my heart a little weak, because i've enjoyed barcelona so much in the eighties, and i'm glad it's still there... still, you guys are courageous to abide those late summer queues!
happy birthday passé, kelleyn!!!!
x x x nadine♥
Beth said…
Wow! These are wonderful. I esp. like the first one---the roundness of it appeals to me.
Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you got to do something that you have really wanted to for years.
Salvador Dali? That's a "Wow!" also.
Holly said…
My friend was telling me about her time in Barcelona and talked of these places, now I have a visual. Thanks for sharing.
Shauna said…
What????!!! So wonderful for you to be doing this. This was a great post, what very, unique and fascinating architecture. I love it. Have so much fun!

Shauna xoxoxo

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