Corner View "Rock" a.k.a my children/First Day of School

 7th Grade Winston
 Addy Pre-K 3
 Harris 10th Grade

Roman 2nd Grade

Hi!  How is everyone this week?  I am stretching this one a little, but my children and family are my rock.  They are my everything.  Now, my husband isn't pictured here nor is Avery, but my husband works pretty dang hard and he holds me up when the world seems to be turning upside down.  I am so happy I married him. I am so lucky!!!!  My children are the very reason I breath.  They are my rock.

Can you say busy?  I am just getting around to editing and posting first day of school photos.  The children are on week 5 of the school year.  So far so good.  Harris is thrilled he has a much better math teacher and isn't struggling as much as he was last year.  He is studying to take the SAT next year. Winston is ambivalent to school, but he gets on the bus each morning.  He has taken the challenge of moving into some advance classes, so I am praying he rises up to the challenge.  Addy has moved to the big kid class and is really becoming a big girl.  She is potty trained except for night and I think that is not to far away.  She moved into the big girl bed in her room this week.  I have a feeling the crib is going to go away soon. Roman is doing great.  He has such an awesome teacher. He has so many friends I can't keep up with his play date schedule.  It is late, and I better go to bed. Avery has a physical therapy appointment in the morning.  For more corner views visit Francesca.  


Dana said…
Great photos of your beautiful children, Kelleyn! I especially like the look in Roman's eye...pure mischief! As it should be!

M starts Monday, finally. She has the longest summer break of anyone I know, my girl.

Francesca said…
beautiful family! i always mean to take photos on the first day of school, but we're always, always late!
nadine paduart said…
look at those rocks'o'yours growing up like that. wonderful images you've taken there. i can guess how busy you are with them, and with life which evolves from it. take good care, i'll be back. x n♥
Anonymous said…
these portraits photos rock, kelley, and gosh you are busy. Hope you had a good night's rest :)
Leggio said…
Such a Sweet post. I Love the look on Rowan's face.
Leggio said…
Roman sorry typo. :)
Menthe Blanche said…
Wonderful rocks you have!
Unknown said…
Lovely photo collection. Keep them for when they are bigger...those a great treasure.

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