My little boy is no longer a little boy.  It is hard to imagine he is almost all grown up!  He is now taller than his father and I by an inch. This week he past the test to get his permit to learn how to drive.  Immediately following his papa gave him his first lesson in a near by parking lot to celebrate!  How is is possible that the baby who cried all the time, who turned into a curious and adventurous toddler, who turned into a boy who loves all things in regards to computers is now old enough to drive.  I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around this, but the reality is that the time has come (insert a little bit teary eyed.)  We are so proud of him!  He worked really hard his freshman year and brought home all A's except for one B in an advance level math course, and we will take that B as it was really hard to achieve.  This week he is off to Florida with his papa and the Boy Scouts to Sea Base a diving school camp.  He is fast on his way to becoming a Master Diver! Well it is Friday and I am looking forward to relaxing.  Oh and check out that smile!  He got his braces off!  Nothing to major on my agenda.  I just finished editing my first newborn baby shoot.  Boy was that hard and I am not sure I have a career in shooting newborns.  The poor little baby wanted nothing to do with having her photo taken.  I did get some great shots of her with her mother and we might try to give it another go in a week or too!  Definitely, we will be watching some soccer.  While I am still rooting for Germany which may be a long shot after loosing one of their best players in a friendly match the day before leaving for Brazil, I am happy that Brazil won their first came against Croatia 3:1.  Winston and I watched the game while enjoying Ice Cream Sunday and popcorn. Happy Weekend!


Menthe Blanche said…
How time flies .... it's amazing!
Enjoy your weekend Kelleyn.
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness! But seriously, when he can drive on his own, your life will be so much easier!
Francesca said…
congrats on your photo shoot, and on the driving learner in your family! in this country you have to be 18 to get a permit, which - to be honest - i think is a good age.
nadine paduart said…

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