Baby H

Last week I did my first newborn baby shoot and boy was their a huge learning curve involved on my part.
Now I have been taking photos of my children and all our adventures from the beginning of time, but it isn't every day that I get to take photos of little babies.  There is a saying that the baby is in control and that is was so true on this day.  Our best laid out plans to create certain poses were not in the cards.  This baby wasn't buying the whole idea of getting naked despite my home being warm enough to feel like we were on a tropical island.  Isn't she sweet!  We are going to take some photos of her with her family tomorrow if the weather cooperates.  It has been raining here on and off for the past week.

Here is what I did to prepare for this shoot: I  purchased a white noise app for my phone, I bought two large white foam boards at Office Max which were great for reflecting light and would have been used as a back drop had the baby been interested in doing some of the poses we wanted to do.  I laid out everything in advance like headbands, extra blankets, wipes, and baskets. I had an extra memory card and batteries were charged.  I turned off the air-conditioning and fans.  I set a couple hours aside for the shoot and boy did we need them as miss wanted to eat. I did buy a external flash because it has been cloudy here, but in end I didn't use it and took it back. 


Francesca said…
they came out great Kelleyn!

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