70 Happy Birthday Ute!

This is kind of old news, but since I just got the photo's I thought I would post them for our family to remember this day.  My husbands mother (Ute) turned 70 at the end of April.  Sadly, we were not all able to for various reason; however, my husband wouldn't miss being there!  She celebrated her birthday with her partner of 35 years Thijs, her children, her grandson Marc, and her good friends.  The day was one of love and celebration!  She is truly a remarkable woman.  She gives all that she has and is loved by all!  We said Happy Birthday in April but I would like to think of each day is a celebration., So Happy Birthday!  May this year be a year filled with much joy, happiness, and good health.

Just got the phone call from Roman's doctor.  He has to be at the hospital at 9:15 for his procedure.  Please keep him in your prayers.  We will at the hospital the next couple of days, so see you when I get back. 

 Have a great week everyone!


Heart Mommy said…
Good luck mister Roman!! We are praying and cheering for you!!
Was that in Germany? It somehow looks German to me :-)
Hope all went well for Roman xxx

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