A Blessing

A Blessing is certainly what Avery is along with the rest of our children, but today was a special day in which my husband gave our daughter a blessing in our church congregation.  When a child is born, fathers give their children and name and a blessing.  We believe these blessings are words inspired from God that are meant to guide and direct our children throughout their lives.  A blessing is separate from being baptized as we don't baptize babies.  Now Avery isn't a baby, but she is still intitled to a blessing.  It was a special day for our family!  This past week also marked the 5 month mark of her joining our family.  We love this little girl to the moon and back.    I love my family even when a couple of them act crazy when we try to take family photo's!  Thank you Avery for joining our family and making it even better!  Thank you Nana for making Avery's dress.  The dress was extra special as it was made from my wedding dress!  


What a special day!! Beautiful family!! I love your comment about loving them even with the craziness at times! It just goes with having teenagers & pre-teens! We get the same dynamics in our house these days! So beautiful that Avery got to wear a dress made from your wedding dress - what a special gift! Love reading about your family and your new journey with Avery - so happy to have connected!! Have a super week!
Francesca said…
that is a wonderful family photo - when you have such a large family (and that kid to adult ratio), you can't expect everyone to look good! :)
Unknown said…
Love seeing the photo of your whole family!

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