Baby H Photoshoot Part 2

It is one thing to take photos of your own children and another of someone else's children.  This past week I completed the photoshoot of Baby H and her family. It was a huge learning experience. I have always been in awe of photographers and the magic they create through the lens. So many things go into making a great photo such as location, time of day, clothing, the camera being used and the lens you choose to use, and with children their willingness to cooperate.  Let's not forget editing because the photographers ability to use Photoshoot and Lightroom translate into maybe a photo that was not usable becomes usable because a switch of a head or a complete cut out of an unwanted item.  Sadly, my Photoshop skills are not their yet.  I wish they were because then maybe I could have saved this last photo. Mom really wanted a photo of all three children, but big sister wasn't buying having her photo taken. We tried everything.  The whole photoshoot mom and I danced around her trying to get her to smile.  Needless to say, the shot didn't happen.  I do find the photo kind of funny.  Thankfully her parents were able to find humor in the moment too!  Being on the other side of the lens I know when you have photos taken you want great photos and it can be disappointing when your children don't want to cooperate.  That is probably one of the reason  These are just a few of the shots that were taken I think they came out pretty good for an amateur.


shayndel said…
Congratulations on a great photo shoot! Actually I love the last one, before I read what you wrote I thought wow, this one is my favourite because it seems so real, and loving, even with or especially with her crying. I think you are discovering really interesting things in your work! Best wishes!♡
Le monde dÖ said…
A beautiful series for a great family!

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