The Engineer

I knew Harris wasn't any ordinary child from the minute he was born.  Now, I know what you are thinking because I know every mother thinks their child is amazing.  Harris when he was about 18 months old lost a ball behind our armoire.  Now most children would have cried, pointed a finger to where the ball was, or come and get a grown up to help them; however, Harris went to the drawer where I kept the long spoons I use for cooking and went and scooped the ball right out!  He was so proud of himself.   He was always examining and getting into thing.  He wasn't doing this to be naughty, but he was just simply curious.  This trend of curiosity has continued to this day!  Since we moved two years ago Harris has participated in the robotics program at his middle school.  He loves it!  While he has never won a competition, he is learning skills that will last him a life time.  Last week while I was in Utah, Harris attended with his papa the banquet dinner for his robotics club.  He received and award for being the best robotic programmer.  Congratulations Harris!  I knew you were special since the day you were born.

On another note, some good things are happening and while I can't say anything right now in fear that I might jinx it our family sure could use your prayers.  Have a great weekend!


dawn said…
Congratulations to Harris.

I love a good cliff hanger.......she says waiting impatiently for you to spill the beans. LOL
Fingers crossed and prayers headed your way for the great news on the horizon. So neat about your son & I totally understand that engineering mind - my middle daughter is the same way. Knowing they think different from day one - we have so many funny stories from when she was a toddler of the things she would do just to examine, experiment and try to understand "how something works". Congrats to him and to you all! Can't wait to hear more soon.....Have a great weekend.
Shauna said…
Always praying for you Kelleyn. I am so hopeful for your family. I am so delighted for Harris. What a great thing to be good at. Talk to you soon,

Shauna xoxoxoxxo
shayndel said…
Congratulations Harris!
And wishing you all the best for your family news!!
Stephanie said…
Yay! Well done Harris! What a great program to be involved much fun!

P.S. I'll say a prayer right now for your family. Hoping everything works out, whatever it may be!

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