flowers "cornerview"

You know it is May in Georgia
When the Magnolia blooms.
I am so blessed to live in Paradise.
Minus the humidity today and yesterday
that is so thick you could probably stir
it with a spoon.  Today it was 92 degrees!
We are off to much cooler temperatures,
here we come Boston and Sprucehead, Maine.


simply bev said…
I choose the magnolia for my post too! Sounds like it's hotter in GA than it is here in NC. Typical temps for May?
I LOVE Magnolia trees. Once our back garden has finished having a new deck built, I am planning on planting 3 trees in memory each of both my parents, and my husband's father. A Magnolia is on the list for my mum.
Where we lived in the Netherlands there were so many Magnolia trees in our neighbourhood. So beautiful. But it always felt like they blossomed too soon, as the flowers came at what was usually one of the most wet and windy time of the year and they never lasted long enough.
Enjoy your beautiful flowers.
Bonnie said…
i ADORE the magnolia flower!! we had a magnolia tree here when we moved in but for various reasons we had to take it out. i so wish we hadn't had to ....
marie said…
I have never been to Georgia but I love the name. If my son (whose 8 now) was a girl that would have been his name. Anyway, humidity aside I would still love to visit there one day. Fresh flowers are one of my very favorite things in my home.
Theresa said…
Happy travels!!
Anonymous said…
i wouldn't mind a little hot weather in my corner of the world! happy travels!

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