Field Trip

I can't believe the school year is almost come to an end.  This coming Friday will mark the end of the 2012/2013 school year.  Winston will graduate from elementary school and move up to middle school.  It seems like yesterday he was born and we were calling him Heimlich because he was a fat butterball baby and looked like the caterpillar in the movie Bugs Life.  This week his class has gone on a couple of field trips.  They traveled to the CNN Center, Turners Field the home of the Braves, and to our local court house.  Sadly we will miss his graduation as we are going to Boston and Maine to visit family.  He is so excited for our trip that he isn't too sad about missing the ceremony.   Do you have  any special plans for Memorial Weekend?


dawn said…
OMG we were in Atlanta last summer and did all those things. I didn't "know" you back then or I would have made apoint of meeting up.

Such a busy couple of weeks. They do grow so fast.

No big plans here.
likeschocolate said…
I will be in ft lauderdale in July, but we are being picked up by the cruise company. Next time we go to Miami or you are up this way let me know! Kelleyn
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you´ll have a lot of fun, enjoy for all you´re worth! :-)
Shauna said…
We have nothing other than our church breakfast they do for Memorial Day. I can't believe school is ending either. Life is a fast experience. It's crazy. Love

Shauna xoxo

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