Quinoa "Two Ways"

I haven't given up completely on loosing weight, but I am taking a new approach to my health.  I want to be healthy and if that means I don't loose any weight than so be it because I am tired of spending two hours at the gym each day and starving myself based on the latest fad diet.  I like food!
Recently, I purchased a new cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow  called It's All Good.  Included in the book was this recipe for quinoa called Quite Savory.
In a skillet sauté 2 Tablespoons of olive oil, 1 garlic clove mince, 2 large leaves of kale (I used spinach).  When the spinach is wilted add 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa, salt and pepper to taste and 1 chopped finely green scallion.  Top with a fried egg and it is perfection. 

I had made  a cup of quinoa, so with the remaining quinoa the next day I added a quarter cup of olive oil, a large handful of chopped dried apricots, 1/2 cup of sliced almonds, 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries, 2 chopped scallions, along with salt and pepper to taste and you have a nice summer salad.  Did you know quinoa is high in vitamin B which will give you boost of energy. 


Theresa said…
Yes and it has protein too...:)
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Anonymous said…
Yum, yum! It´s soon time for dinner here so I´m hungry! :-D
Shauna said…
Kelleyn, I eat Quinoa almost everyday, both ways. My favorite way of eating right now is with frozen blueberries, fresh strawberries, toasted pecans, toasted sunflower seeds and a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil. So the quinoa is warm when you put all of this into it. It's so good. I love eggs so much, I am going to try this in the moring. I know I'll love it.

You've been starving yourself? I'm so happy you are taking this approach. I believe you will notice a difference right away.

And, your mom just whipped you up that blanket huh? That is amazing!!!!!! I love it, it is so beautiful!!!

Thinking of you,
Shauna xoxo
I've only had it once..I want to like it but struggle.
I need to give it another chance, this actually looks good. Now if we could make Kale more impressive I'd be well on my weight loss way.
Yum! I've been needing a new Quinoa recipe! Thanks for sharing :)
marie said…
I do love quinoa, it's nice to make a big batch and then have it on hand for salads, breakfasts, dinners, anything really.

I know losing weight is the bane of our existence. Everyone is so different, and there are so many fad diets, you really have to be in tune with yourself and listen to what you need because no one knows you better than you!

I know I could probably lose some weight if I ate more protein, less carbs, but to me it just doesn't feel right to eat meat at this time, I am not against it by any means, I just don't personally want to. Your convictions about why you're doing something has to be stronger than the end result I guess. I really do feel if your main goal is to be healthy, everything else will eventually fall into place.
Unknown said…
I love quinoa!

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