Another Milestone

The other day, I was looking at some photos of Harris from two years ago and could not believe how little he looked.  Over the last year he has become more of a young man.  His body has not only grown taller and thinner, but more angular.  On his lip grows the beginning of a mustache, but not enough to shave.  He voice is starting to get deeper, but hasn't completely changed fully as once in a while he I can still hear the little boy.  Soon my little boy will be gone and in his place a man will take his place.  On Friday, he will say good bye to middle school.  It has not been an easy journey as he has had a few growing pains, but at the same time he has weathered the storms and I pray he will be up to the challenge of high school.  Last week, he went with his class to Savannah.  He had a fantastic time.  Then on Friday they had their 8th grade formal.  What I didn't realize is that the dance was like a mini prom.  The boys wore dress shirts, ties, and slacks while the girls wore knee length dresses that were pretty fancy.  One parent even sent their child and their friends to the dance in a stretch limo.  As a part of Harris final year in middle school, he was required to read 40 books.  He completed the challenge about 2 weeks ago.  It was no easy task because he couldn't just read any book.  It had to be a book of so many pages, a certain lexile level, he had to read so many books in a certain genre.  A book could be considered to count as two books if it had over 350 pages.  He had to keep a journal on top of reading these books.  I am so proud of him for completing the task. 
Here is the list of books he read:
1)  Frankenstein
2)  Animal Farm
3)  To Kill A Mockingbird
4)  The Fellowship of The Ring (=2 books)
5)  Mormon Scientist
6)  For The Win
7)  Biology
8)  The Periodic Table
9)  Rocks and Minerals
10) Into the Wild
11) Malcolm X
12) Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl (=2)
13) Steve Jobs (=2)
14) The Outsiders
15) Interpreter of Maladies
16) The Art of Racing In The Rain
17) The Glass Castle
18) Elijah of Buxton (=2)
19) Tunnels (=2)
20) Marley and Me
21) Eldest (=2)
22) Eragon (=2)
23) The Hobbit (=2)
24) The Prophet
25) Robert Frost Selected Poem
26) The Raven and Other Poems
27) Darkship Renegades (=2)
28) The Seems. The Glitch In Sleep
29) The Curious Incident of The Dog


Leggio said…
Yeah!!!!! That is quite the book list. Watching are babies grow up is wonderful an hard at the same time. Enjoy every moment. :)
marie said…
I am glad you published the list of books, I am always looking for good recommendations for my kiddos. Right now Emry is reading 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green. It's weird because I always thought I'd read the books before her, but it just isn't realistic so I just go by what friends recommend. Sometimes she'll get 20 or so pages in and say 'Mom, I don't understand this' or 'I don't like it' and that's fine, the last thing I want to do is make her dislike reading.
Anonymous said…
Great book list! :-)
Dianne said…
Great list of books, and kuddos to your son for accomplishing his reading goal. My Trevor is also finishing middle school, bitter/sweet, but mainly sweet!
Dianne said…
I mean kudos :)
Anonymous said…
wow, i'm impressed!
Unknown said…
What a great list of books! My oldest also read the Steve Jobs book this year. I think he would really like Mormon Scientist too.

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