Girls Trip "Utah"

27 years is how long I have known my best friend.  We met through mutual friends and haven't stopped hanging out since that day.  We went to the same collage, got married within a year of each other, and had our first children just 27 days apart from one another.  When we see each other it is like we have never been apart.  She lives in Colorado and I live in Georgia.  This year we met up with each other at the BYU's Woman's Conference.  Tuesday, I packed my bags and headed west where I was met at the airport by another friend Bryn and her children who I have now known for 5 years.  We met through a blog that was designed to help connect mothers and children of Congenital Heart Disease.  What a blessing that blog was to me when I felt so alone.  I didn't know any other families with a child with heart disease. Café Rio was calling our names and so off we went.  If you have never had Café Rio your are missing out!  It is so yummy!  Then it was off to see Miss Jess and her family.  I met Jess 4 years ago in Switzerland.  I am totally smitten with her son.  He is such a charmer and it was the first time I had met baby girl.  She is so sweet!  Finally, Buffi arrived and we headed to our hotel!  The next day after working out and eating a good breakfast we went to the spa where we were pampered all day long with a message, facial, and pedicure.  I haven't felt that relaxed in so long.  Afterwards, we ended the day with a visit to Bombay House and Cocoa Bean cupcakes! 

Thursday, Conference started and we spent the day learning about how to better communicate with our family members and build a stronger testimony with our Heavenly Father.  Our day ended with a wonderful meal at Communal (more on that later) and a fantastic musical concert where I was able to meet up with a fellow mother and blogger who has two adopted twin daughters from China.  It was wonderful to learn her story and hear how her daughters deal with being adopted.  Friday brought more wonderful classes, dinner, and relaxation.  When Saturday came we were both equally sad that it flew by too quickly.  Buffi went home to her family and I was lucky to have a 4 hour layover in Seattle where I was able to hangout and eat dinner at Skillet with my friend Jennifer.  Now I am home, I missed my babies so much and they missed me.  Poor Roman has had a stomach bug all weekend, so first thing in the morning we will be off to the pediatrician.  Poor guy can't keep anything down.  My husband and mother did a great job taking care of everyone.  Thank you!

                                          Spring time in Salt Lake City and Temple Square
                                              Café Rio, adorable children, Bryn and I
                       Conference, the spa, best friends for 27 years and Cocoa Bean cupcakes.

Pizzeria 712, Spring Tulips, Hines Mansion B&B, The Y, and chilled Apple Cider.
Jess, Me, and her adorables enjoying Maggio Moo's ice cream. 
Cotton candy ice cream rocks! 


Shauna said…
So sorry I missed you! What a great trip you had! Marie and I are talking about going out next year for Women's conference. It would be so fun! I'm glad you also have a very best friend. I know how you feel. :) Great pictures and love to you as always,

Shauna xo
marie said…
It's funny how you evolve. When I was younger this would have been considered a 'boring, educational' trip, but now I long to go to women's conference. I have so many good memories of EFY and now I am just beginning to truly love conference instead of just trying to get something out of it.

And all the yummy food and spa trip, right up my alley.

Whenever I am feeding a group I recreate Cafe Rio's pork salad. Too much work to make for a small crowd, but perfect for a big group.
So jealous of you going to Cafe Rio and seeing those beautiful mountains! Have a wonderful time!
Anonymous said…
So happy for you both, friends like that are great to have!
Kelly said…
YOu came at the perfect time. The weather was made just for you. It is crummy again this week. Looks like a lot of fun!
Anonymous said…
poor Roman, what a tough time! glad the internet has put you in touch and kept you in touch with so many good people.
Dianne said…
Isn't it great to have friends from all over. What a spiritual enriching week-end! Thanks for joining us for the concert, it was great meeting you in person and talking adoption! Glad you had a fabulous time in Utah.
R's Rue said…
Yum! How much fun and fellowship you had!
Unknown said…
Looks like fun! You got so many great pictures!

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