Winston turned eleven on Thursday,we celebrated his birthday by having cake for breakfast.  As I wrote in an earlier post he went to see Iron Man 3 the week before with his good friend Matt. He loved the movie. We will do a big party at the end of summer when everyone is back from their vacations and there aren't a hundred different activities going on at the same time.  We have tried to have parties at this time of year, but no one can come.  I am kind of glad we are putting it off because we have so much on our plate this weekend.  Tonight I went to a graduation party for my friend Misty.  Tomorrow, we are going to a farewell party for friends of ours who are moving back to Holland.  Than we are going to a play at the church.  Then I need to start packing for Boston next week.  Winston we love you so much! You are the best! I am so proud to have you as my son.  Have a great weekend!


Happy birthday to your sweet son!!!
Anonymous said…
Hurray for him! My oldest will turn 11 in August and I just don´t get how fast time flies! :-)

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