The Weekend!

Roman and his friend Silvia

It's Friday!  Hooray!  My man is back from the states and I couldn't be happier.  We are heading to Europa Park tomorrow.  The boys are so excited.  They can't wait to ride the roller coasters.  Then on Sunday we will celebrate Addy's birthday with our family.  I purchased a Strawberry Roll cake for her at the bakery and will pick it up later today.  Tonight Germany will play against Greece in the quarter finals.  I am a little nervous for them.  I hope they win at least for my sons sake who has loved watching every games.    Well, I am off to the city.  I want to go try on a dress at Esprit.  Wishing you a fantastic weekend!  What are your plans for the weekend!  Do tell me!  I would love to hear!


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to Addy! Can't believe your sweet baby girl is one! We have HS Graduation tonight and some celebrating and our little town has an art festival this weekend so we will probably head there Sunday. It's so hot and humid here!Enjoy!
Lisa said…
Have a great weekend! I love reading and seeing your adventures! We leave July 1 for Germany, Austria and France, so I am learning as I read your blog :) Happy birthday to Addy.... can't believe she will be 1! I remember you and her visiting Ainsley and I in the hospital early last fall. Lisa
cate said…

plans? how much time do you have? suffice it to say that we are fully booked!
Marie said…
Have a wonderful weekend :)
xx Marie
What great adventures you are having with your family! Can't believe how big the kids are, and Addy turning one! Didn't we just meet up and have lunch?

As for our plans this weekend, I'm ready for some down time. We've gone to CA, YW camp and to Lake Powell; I'm ready for a little rest. :D
Frrancesca said…
I hope to be able to do nothing for a change this weekend! :)
tinajo said…
Well, since we celebrated yesterday we're a little lazy today - right now I'm listening to the rain with lit candles and a glass of white wine. Hope you'll have a great time!

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