Uri's Potato Salad "Vegetable Corner View"

The first time I had German potato salad I wasn't completely sold.  I had grown up eating potato salad with mayo and oil and vinegar seemed so strange.  Today I love it and am glad there is no mayo because it makes it easy transport and be outside without giving anyone food poisoning.  On Saturday, we went to a children's celebration day at the church in Kaiserlautern.  The boys had fun Geo caching despite that they didn't find anything. 

Uri's Potato Salad
500 grams of potatoes
250 ml of chicken broth or vegetable broth
3 EL if vinegar
2-3 EL oil
1 onion
Salt and Pepper
I pinch of sugar

Boil potatoes until soft then peel the skins off an let cool down.  Then cut in half and slice.  Cut the piece into smaller quarter moon sizes.  Add oil, vinegar, broth, and salt and pepper to taste.  Then add the diced onion and let the pieces marry.  Add a pinch of sugar if the vinegar is too strong.  Enjoy!  It is a perfect summer time picnic dish.  You can also add a little bacon or a little parsley.  However, this recipe seems to be the traditional German recipe from what I have seen around at restaurants.


gis said…
mmmm, sounds delicious!
nadine paduart said…
there are times i scream murder for potato salad. the one made by orangette {http://orangette.blogspot.be/} is a dream, if ever you find the time. knowing you love food so much, you have bumped into orangette, haven't you?
Heather said…
I hope you are enjoying your travels!
Theresa said…
Yum! Thanks for the recipe :)
Menthe Blanche said…
For my part I prefer potato salad with (olive) oil and vinegar rather than mayonnaise. Your recipe seems very good, thanks :)
Francesca said…
I made potato salad (with vinegar and oil) tonight! :)
swig said…
I like it like this, too! warm greetings!
Buckeroomama said…
Thanks for posting the recipe. I'm with you on the mayo, so this sounds just perfect. :)
Thanks for te recipe. I wasn't a big fan of potato salad but a friend made one the other day at it was so good. I like your version.

;) said…
It's like a French salad ;) and yummy.
Beth said…
This is a great recipe--cuts out the worry of maynaise spoiling. I will try it, because I love German potatoe salad and don't find it much around here.
Thanks for giving it to us!:>)
Anonymous said…
At first I thought is was a warm potato salad (which i don't like very much) this one looks very good :)
Shauna said…
Guess what, our last name being Klippel, we are very German or my husband's family that is. My mother in law makes the best Potato Salad ever!!!! And guess what she does? Soaks the potatoes in vinegar all night! Yes, it is my favorite. I know I would love this potato salad. Take care,


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