We have the Fever

Go Germany!!!!!

 Silly me, I put my paint on the wrong way. 

That is soccer fever.  On Friday, the European 2012 Soccer Championship games began and  everyone one is exciting.  Every where you go you see team jerseys being worn by the youngest of babies to the old. Faces are painted with German flags and flags are hung from balconies.  Europeans take their soccer seriously.  It is 11:30 p.m. and horns are honking, people are singing soccer songs, bottles are clinking, and people are cheering. I suspect it won't be quiet any time soon.  Germany won it's first game against Portugal (1-0).  Winston is the most excited of all our family members.  He has been studying the teams, learning the players names, reading their histories , and collecting soccer stickers for his Panini book.  Roman watches the games for a few minutes, but then ask if we can put a DVD on for him in the other room.  Harris watched the games with his Oma and Opa this weekend. On our way home from the Amusement Park today, we stopped by McDonald's and had a Team Burger (burgers with buns stamped to look like soccer balls).  Followed by dessert of homemade brownies.  Go Germany!  Let's go all the way this year!  Good Luck!


Francesca said…
have fun! we're a tennis family, my boys are streaming Roland Garros these days, and didn't even know about the soccer championship!
We watched Denmark v Holland - so exciting!
Barbara said…
I've never caught the soccer bug (It's football for me), but you sure have! Such fun for you and your family. Your son's a handsome boy.
Yes they do.....I loved that part of living there...true excitement! My neighbor here is from Italy and that's all he does is watch Soccer! Have fun! Great shots!
Joyce said…
Upside down or rightside up you look beautiful!! I love the excitment shared by all. xo
Unknown said…
Fun! We were watching this yesterday on television (when we weren't watching the news for fire updates).
:-) Absolutely love that you put the flags upside down. Only shows that you take the games with a bit of humour.
cate said…
soooooo jealous! and mira would be even more jealous!!! love the war paint.
Anonymous said…
Hi there !
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