Hello!  Good Morning!  It has been raining the last 5 days here, hopefully sun is around the corner.  Today we are off to the Science Museum in Mannheim.  Winston went to the movies last night with his papa and saw Men in Black 3.  He loved it!   He got a large popcorn and a Mezzo Mix drink (cola and orange mix).  Did you know that here in Germany that popcorn is sprinkled with sugar instead of salt?  I like it much better.  Well, we are off.  Hope you have a good day!!!!


Dana said…
I love keeping up with your adventrues! Was the movie in German or English? Can I tell you, I've never seen a movie in an Italian movie theater! Paris, yes! London, yes! But no city in Italy, ever.
Emily said…
Mmm...sugared popcorn is so good! Here's hoping for sunny days ahead. I'm glad you guys are having fun!
How fun...was the movie in english or german? The only movie I saw in Germany in english was the Michael Jackson movie....the english ones always played late in the evening for me! Have a wonderful day!
likeschocolate said…
The movie was in German!
Anonymous said…
Hello! I do not see my comment and I write again. I wrote that the value of your checks, I translated into rubles and all. I, like everyone, I'm just wondering. Your trip to children are beautiful .. :)
Francesca said…
you're doing so many things, rain or shine!
Buckeroomama said…
Cherries and strawberries.. yummm!

I want to see that movie. How was it?
Weiße Broetchen & Nutella for breakfast - that looks so quintessential German to me, it almost made me feel homesick. xx

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